Switches: Dip, Keylock, Pushbutton, Rocker, Rotary, Slide, Tact, Toggle. Screen Print: Membrane Switches, Labels, Overlays, Switch Panels. Stainless Steel Keyboards. Control Knobs. Joysticks and Trackballs. LED Indicators. Brand names include CH Products and MEC.

Switching Power Supplies, Standard Power Modules (DC/DC Converter & AC/DC Modules), Lighting Ballasts and LED Drivers

Bussmann – Fuses, Holders, Accessories           Coiltronics - Inductors, Chokes, Coils, Transformers                                                     Magnum - Terminal Blocks, Euro-Style Blocks, Power Distribution Blocks
PolySurg – Overvoltage Protection                       PowerStor - Supercapacitors 

Fine Pitch Interconnect Products; Board to Board, Circular, Memory Card, FFC, I/O Miniature Rectangular, Sealed Transportation Grade, and Specialty Connectors


Varistors, Safety Capacitors, High Voltage Ceramic Capacitors, Thermistors

AC and DC cooling fans and blowers, value added fans and fan tray assemblies

Ark-Les:  Quick Connect Terminals, Custom Stampings.  Pancon Connectors:  Board to Board, IDC Wire to Board, DIN, Flat Ribbon. Paktron Capacitors:  Ultra Low ESR Multilayer Polymer Film Capacitors in SMD and Leaded Packages

Analog ICs Integrating Control Circuitry and Power MOSFET for AC/DC and DC/DC Applications

Sensors; High Precision NTC Thermistors, Probe Assemblies, Thermocouples, Thermopiles, RTD's, Pressure, Force/Torque, Humidity, Position, Vibration, Piezo Film, Photo Optic

Global Leader in PCB, Backplane Assembly & Electro-Mechanical Solutions

Contract Manufacturing Services offering a "One-Stop-Shop" approach; Complete Systems - from Enclosures through PCB Assembly, Final Assembly and Test and Packaging