Switches: Dip, Keylock, Pushbutton, Rocker, Rotary, Slide, Tact, Toggle. Screen Print: Membrane Switches, Labels, Overlays, Switch Panels. Stainless Steel Keyboards. Control Knobs. Joysticks and Trackballs. LED Indicators. Brand names include CH Products and MEC.

Bussmann – Fuses, Holders, Accessories           Coiltronics - Inductors, Chokes, Coils, Transformers                                                     Magnum - Terminal Blocks, Euro-Style Blocks, Power Distribution Blocks
PolySurg – Overvoltage Protection                       PowerStor - Supercapacitors 

Fine Pitch Interconnect Products; Board to Board, Circular, Memory Card, FFC, I/O Miniature Rectangular, Sealed Transportation Grade, and Specialty Connectors


Varistors, Safety Capacitors, High Voltage Ceramic Capacitors, Thermistors

Fans: AC, DC, value add, tray assemblies, DC blowers

Motors: Hybrid stepper, permanent magnet stepper, DC brush, DC brushless, fluid dynamic bearing, smart actuator

Ark-Les:  Quick Connect Terminals, Custom Stampings.  Pancon Connectors:  Board to Board, IDC Wire to Board, DIN, Flat Ribbon. Paktron Capacitors:  Ultra Low ESR Multilayer Polymer Film Capacitors in SMD and Leaded Packages

Analog ICs Integrating Control Circuitry and Power MOSFET for AC/DC and DC/DC Applications

Sensors; High Precision NTC Thermistors, Probe Assemblies, Thermocouples, Thermopiles, RTD's, Pressure, Force/Torque, Humidity, Position, Vibration, Piezo Film, Photo Optic

Global Leader in PCB, Backplane Assembly & Electro-Mechanical Solutions

Contract Manufacturing Services offering a "One-Stop-Shop" approach; Complete Systems - from Enclosures through PCB Assembly, Final Assembly and Test and Packaging